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Heading 2

International Cast

Victor  Michael      Hayley Maria

Maria Nielsen  AJ LeRoy  Thomas Morris    

Music Directed By

Tim A. Duncan

Laurie Ashworth
and The Coven Choir


Supported By

CRITICS REVIEWS   Colwick Hall Nottingham September 30th 2021

“Apart from some original chants, all the songs are well known pop and rock songs.

What I loved about the way that they were used was the arrangements of these songs.

The Musical Director, Tim Duncan, did an amazing job , really bringing out the drama within the lyrics and presenting them in a completely different way.Great costumes, a powerful sound design and production, atmospheric lighting, and with the rain and wind outside rattling the marquee, we had a natural sound addition to the whole show, which all added to the creepiness of the tale.

This production grew on me the more I was drawn into the story and the song lyrics. Lyrics I had heard many times over the years but tonight took on a more sinister feel.

The production was a one night only chance to see "Alicia" but is now touring, and I am really pleased that I was asked along as part of the eerie love story ride.” 

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